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Jae Berman MS, RD, CSSD, Regional Registered Dietitian at The San Francisco Bay Club, Certified Specialist Sports Dietitian, personal trainer and a frequently requested speaker, has a unique twist to nutrition counseling. Jae Berman Nutrition guides clients to better health through a realistic, sustainable and self-powered approach.

JBN incorporates nutrition education (how food actually works in the body), behavioral analysis (why we do what we do) and fitness training (weights, yoga, Pilates, aerobic training) with clients so they are empowered to reach their goals.

  Jae Berman Nutrition in Shape Magazine

Jae gives advice to the readers of SHAPE Magazine. Want to learn more? Check out what Jae says about losing belly weight in SHAPE.


Jae is a nutrition expert with a background in sports nutrition, weight loss counseling and disease management. She is also a personal trainer and yoga and Pilates instructor. Think of her as that friend you've always wanted (but may not have) to tell you how it really is, and what you need to do to improve your life.

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