January 22, 2015

Eat With Confidence

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About six months ago, I had a call with a client who was desperate to lose weight. She was frustrated, doing everything “right” and could not figure out how to get the pounds off. She also informed me she had just started a super extreme diet – 500-800 calories per day and taking supplements. I expressed my obvious concern and explained this would likely not lead to long term results, but she was determined. She was going to do this plan, lose the weight and then figure out the next steps. We lost touch-she lives on the East Coast, she had a plan she wanted to follow and I had a hunch she didn’t want to hear much from me since I wanted her create a more sustainable plan.

I was beyond thrilled when I received an email from her last month with a quote that now inspires her. “I don’t diet, I eat in accordance with my goals.” She said this quote has allowed her to look at food and weight loss differently. As opposed to going on and off a diet and feeling guilty when she is off and deprived when she is on…focusing on her goals is way to stay mindful and more positive with each bite.

Some of you may find this odd or counter intuitive, but eating healthily, eating in a manner that will allow you to achieve your goals, is a major confidence builder. Every time you choose foods that create the lifestyle you want, the health you want, the body you want, the energy you want, you are doing something to get you closer to that goal. And knowing you are taking steps towards your true goals is a phenomenal feeling! Making these decisions will become easier and easier.

So eat with confidence! For example, it may feel uncomfortable or awkward at first to order a bit specific at a restaurant, or workout while on holiday, or drink less when you are at a social event or eat differently when you are with your friends…it is a skill that requires practice…and practice makes perfect. What once felt daunting, becomes effortless.

What was also fantastic, is this quote has allowed my client to talk about food differently around her family, in particular her daughter, who she is so worried is going to fall into the diet mentality far too quickly.

I am so darn proud of you – and you know who are you! – because you are discovering how to create a healthy relationship around food. It is not going to be a quick fix. It is not going to easy. But it will happen. Day by day…and you will reach your goals and beyond!

Paying it forward…maybe this quote will inspire you!

January 6, 2015

Red Light! Green Light!

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Happy new year everyone!

Do you remember that game Red Light Green Light? Ever play it as a kid? In the oh so special way my brain works, I started thinking of this childhood game with regards to resolutions.

Green Light!

  • I am going to lose weight
  • I am going workout every morning
  • I am going to stop drinking alcohol
  • I am going cook more
  • I am going to get more sleep

Then life happens….RED LIGHT!

  • Man I am tired, I am going to sleep in tomorrow
  • Just one glass of wine…
  • Ugh I hate running
  • But I have such a sweet tooth! One piece of chocolate…
  • I had not time to grocery shopping…lets just get take out

It is so easy fall off the wagon so lets change our perspective.

Set a green light goal for something you want. Your real goal. And make it super specific and clearly defined.

Whenever you fall off the wagon, imagine you are playing that childhood game and you hear me scream “Red Light!” - take a moment and acknowledge that you got off track…and then get back on the wagon and scream back to me “Green Light!” Get it?

A green light goal is something you want – be specific, clear, make it realistic and something you WANT to do.

  1. I will workout Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7am.
  2. I will eat two fist size portions of vegetables every day with lunch and dinner
  3. I will enjoy alcohol on Saturdays only and during the week I will drink herbal tea, bubbly water and regular water and coffee in the morning. Goal is “x” ounces of fluid per day.
  4. I will fall asleep every night at “x”pm – choose your ideal bed time
  5. I will cook two nights a week
  6. I will focus on whole, real foods – I will read the ingredients on all labels and make sure I can understand them.
  7. I will eat breakfast every day within an hour of waking up
  8. I will eat a mid afternoon snack every afternoon during the week and make sure there is protein.
  9. I will eat whole grains to add fiber to my diet. A serving is 1/2 cup cooked – decide on a number of servings you want a day based on your lifestyle.
  10. I will enjoy one dessert a week. It will be delicious and I will enjoy each bite.

See what I mean? Focus on what you want. Make it specific. And go for it! And when you fall off, get back on…because you can do this! And you are worth it! And you will so happy you made it happen.

Excited for what is to come. Green light!

December 17, 2014

Learn How to Cook – Quick and Easy!

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I came across this and had to share. Quick videos on cooking – makes life so much easier! And answers so many questions. Use this as a way to simplify things, learn something new or get more comfortable in the kitchen.

If I could choose a resolution for you for 2015, it would be to cook more of your food. You would be amazed at the impact cooking can have on you and your family’s life.

Why cook?

  • Leads to weight loss since food from restaurants is usually filled with extra salt, fat and sugar.
  • Leads to weight loss because portion sizes at restaurants are usually 2-3 times what we need at one meal.
  • Creates a positive relationship with food when you take the time to cook. You take ownership of your life and your body, decide what you want to eat and eat it.
  • Builds healthy relationships with friends and family - sitting around a kitchen table, eating home cooked food improves bonds with the people we love.
  • Teaches your kids the importance of whole, real food! Get them involved in the process early so cooking and eating clean is a habit rather than a chore
  • Saves money! It is a hell of a lot cheaper to cook food rather than eating out.
  • Creates a sustainable plan. Cook dinner and have leftovers for lunch. Cooking will allow you to create true positive, lifestyle change
  • Re-learn how to taste. We are so conditioned to a certain amount of salt, sugar and fat because eating processed and restaurant food is loaded with it. Train your palate and learn how to eat again. You would be amazed at the foods you can learn to like and how food can change.
  • Take care of yourself and the ones you love. Home cooked food is the best medicine. Cooking is an act of love. Nourish yourself and your family and friends with wholesome food.

And the research says so! Recent reports show how cooking at home can lead to healthier lives.

Worried about food going bad? Here are some tips to get over that problem.

Not sure how to cook? Check out these videos or do a search online. Cooking should not be perfect – make it work for you!

Cook yummy food, eat clean and be good to yourself. 

December 1, 2014

Rabbit Rabbit!!!

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20 years ago, my best friend told me it was good luck to say “rabbit rabbit” as your first words on the first day of the month…and for 20 years I have kept the tradition alive. Today is December 1st – so Rabbit Rabbit!!! It is actually a real thing (google says so) and don’t fret if you did not say it this morning…my friend added the loophole that if you put your head under the bed on the 2nd of the month and say “rabbit rabbit’ the good luck streak sticks. (That one is surprisingly not in google…but she swears by it….and yes I am an educated, sane adult writing this).

Luck is a funny thing though…if we hold on to luck too tightly, and hope everything is going to fall into place, life may just pass us by. So, we move on to some other words of wisdom my father always says– Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

So are the super fit, super motivated, super healthy, always-thin folks out there just really lucky? Or have they prepared and taken responsibility for things and jumped on every opportunity to keep their health and wellness on track?

I am not sure..maybe a mix of both? I have to believe that living life healthy, happily, well, fit, energized and balanced is a little more than crossing your fingers, picking up heads-up pennies and saying rabbit rabbit every month. This from the gal who believes in all those superstitions (it can’t hurt right?) However, having a plan is necessary too.


  1. Go grocery shopping:  Fill your house, office, purse and car with foods that will fuel you for success. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, proteins, whole grains…whole real food.
  2. Bring food with you to work! Get out of the rut on relying for takeout for lunch. Trust me – it makes a huge difference.
  3. Always have workout clothes with you – you never know when you can get a 20 minute walk in. Get some exercise in whenever you can.
  4. Do not walk into a party starving – eat before you go! This is a big one with the holiday season starting. Have a satiating snack before you go to an event so you do not mindlessly eat all night.
  5. Go to bed with a plan for the next day. The ultimate preparation – have a plan for the next day. Know where you are going to eat and how you are going to have a successful day.

Practice consistency – the more consistent you are, the easier it will be. Being prepared will be routine and lucky opportunities will come your way.

Rabbit Rabbit!!!

November 24, 2014

37 Days

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Wowza! New Years Day is in 37 days. The holiday season is officially here! It is time to celebrate, spend time with people you love, have a few days off of work, enjoy the many holiday parties, let the alcohol pour, splurge on sweets which seem to be everywhere…and there are too many reasons to avoid eating right and exercising daily. 

How do you want to spend these next 37 days? 

What resolutions do you have planned to start in 37 days? 

It pains me when I hear that people gain 5-15+ pounds during this time of year as they do not have the tools to manage their health and weight when their schedule gets out of control. I hate to hear thatindividuals struggle so much during social situations. I want everyone to celebrate and enjoy this glorious time of year, but why take two steps back? What if you could continue to move forward, take care of yourself, be good to yourself, walk towards health and happiness, even during this crazy, party-filled, wonderful season?

My suggestion is to please, please, pretty please take that step forward…even if it is a baby step. Here are five ways to do it.

  1. Hydrate. Drink water (along with alcohol), in between cocktails maybe?
  2. Exercise. Even if it is walking around the block. Or start a day with a workout to get it done. Or what if…in the middle of an all-day family party, you go for a walk with a friend or relative to catch up rather than sitting on the couch eating pie…what if?
  3. Find a vegetable. Enjoy some of your favorite splurges of course, but get some vegetables on your plate too!
  4. Strategize so it works for you. If you are to bring something to an event, bring a dish that is in line with your goals.
  5. Everyone is actually on your side. While you may not believe me, everyone (or at least many) wants to lose weight, get healthy and have more energy. Even though you may think your friends and family will not be in support, I have a hunch they would love to eat less, move a little and not be in a food coma. Be that role model and notice how many people thank you for it.

And whether you are having turkey, crab, tofurkey or turduckin, here are some recipes for everyone to enjoy:

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

A Paleo Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving that is Bon Appetit

There is so much to be thankful for. Take a moment to thank yourself for all your hard work and for others who support you every step of the way. I am thankful for all of you!

Enjoy the next 37 days and lets get ready for 2015…I am so excited for what is to come. Remember, step by step…cheers!

November 19, 2014

The Ultimate Detox

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Ahh sleep. I love it so very much. Yet I do not seem to get enough of it! Drives me bananas! I know it is important for me and I am so damn good it…but often there are just not enough hours in the day to get the recommended 7-9 hours a day.

A few months ago, I was really focusing on getting more sleep and wow, what a difference that makes. Going from 5-6 hours to 7-8 hours a day is a gamechanger. Mind, body, mood, body fat percentage, food cravings, energy, relationships…everything was improved simply by going to sleep.

Then I saw this TED talk and it put it all together for me. Neuroscientist Jeff lliff explains how during sleep is when our brains clear waste. Only during sleep does this very crucial process occur. So while our skin, kidneys, liver, lymph and colon are getting rid of toxins for us all day long, your precious brain can only clear of waste and “detoxify” during sleep.

Is that not a gamechanger? No wonder my mind feels fuzzy when I don’t sleep enough! No wonder I am sluggish and do not have my mojo and am not feeling like best self?!? It is because there is waste in my brain that has not cleared. And imagine the buildup that could occur if you consistently do not sleep enough???

You all know my logic around “starving in the desert” – if your body thinks you are in trouble or stressed, it goes into survival mode as if you were starving and in trouble in the middle of the desert.In this state, your metabolism slows down, you cannot burn fat, your stress hormones elevate and your body is not working efficiently or effectively. Eating appropriately lets your body know you are not in the desert. Sleep is how you let your brain know it is safe, should rest and take the time to clean and detoxify.

Am I driving you nuts yet? Last week I asked you to be mindful, this week it is sleep more, I am always nagging you to eat right and exercise…how can you do it all??? It isn’t going to be perfect…but if we all slow down a bit and take care of ourselves better, I believe it will all come together far easier than expected.

Go sleep on that. Rest up buttercup!

November 12, 2014

750 Words

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You eat right, you exercise regularly, you are doing all the things you “should” be doing, but you still feel off. Life is stressful, sleep is difficult, mind can swirl fast, it is hard to stay focused, mood goes up and down and energy is all over the place.

Someone suggests you become more mindful and consider meditation. You are on board, try to sit, try to be more aware, try to breathe and just “be” but your mind is going crazy and you are stressed out at how difficult it is just to sit. How can it be that sitting still for 5 minutes can drive you that insane?!?

You are not alone! Practicing mindfulness and meditation is a bit more complicated than one thinks -that is why they call it “practice” because it really does take consistency, time and routine to get comfortable and open to truly surrender to the art of mindfulness. 

As difficult as it is, it is so important. It is THE practice we all should be focused on. Some form of awareness, breathing techniques, mindfulness - meditation is therapeutic for the mind and more and more research is suggesting how simply taking that time to sit and breathe and clear your mind can decrease stress, anxiety and improve your physical health. 

Your weight issues may have less to do with exercise or food than you realize - it may be all stress! We have to learn how to manage our stress to improve our health and well-being!EVERYONE NEEDS SOME MINDFULNESS!

Through a weird twist of events, I came across this article a few weeks ago and loved it. This man describes his journey to meditate and is very honest with his struggles. I can relate as I use theapp Headspace regularly but sometimes I just cannot sit still! After trying to sit and mediate, he came across a book called The Artist’s Way (a wonderful client also gave me this book, you know who you are – thank you!), he discovered the practice of morning pages which led him to create a website called 750 words to support a mindfulness practice that works for him and has improved his life.

It works! I started morning pages a few weeks ago and am now using his website and wow it is helpful. A beautiful mix of using technology to keep you accountable and organized….all with the purpose to slow down, open up, let go and be more mindful of your life, thoughts, feelings and actions.

This is a game changer. Can you write 750 words today?

Stop Eating Bread

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For so many of you, that is your first strategy for weight loss. Stop eating bread. And then you give up wheat and/or gluten entirely.  Is it really bread’s fault? Is wheat truly the problem? I just have a hard time believing that globally, we are all so sensitive to wheat, that cutting bread out would really get everyone’s weight under control. That being said, it often works! It is a tricky one…

Why do bread and wheat/gluten get such a bad rap?

  1. Once we start we cannot stop. Many of us cannot just have one slice of bread. Giving ourselves the structure and rule of “no wheat” is very effective. Out of sight…out of mind.
  2. Bread is not just bread. Often when we say no bread or no wheat, we give up cookies, muffins, pastries, chips, crackers, cereals…..so is it breads fault? Or can we just not control the portions? Or is all the added sugar and junk that is in those foods that is the problem?
  3. The processed stuff is the devil. Many of us can tolerate whole wheat just fine, but when we eat the processed white flour we feel bloated, have headaches and get inflamed. Again…is it wheat’s fault? What if we just ate whole, high quality grains? Would that be ok?
  4. Not allergic, but definitely intolerant – Many of you eat wheat and gluten and just do not feel well. No matter how high the quality and little the processing. Your body does not like the stuff.
  5. Is it something totally different? Wheat is often the first to go, but maybe it is something totally different. There is a lot of talking growing about FODMAPs and other players that may be causing digestion and inflammatory issues.

I highly encourage you to take the time to understand why you are giving up wheat and/or gluten…or any food group for that matter. What are you trying to achieve? Weight loss? Digestive issues? Inflammation? Improve athleticism? Be clear on what you are trying to work on and take steps to find a solution. Many people cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and all sorts of things just for kicks. Please, be smart and do what is right for you.

And know that the “gluten free” trend is making many folks extremely wealthy…not necessarily skinny. Gluten free foods are the fastest rising trend in the food industry at the moment. Just because is it gluten free does not mean it is healthy for you!

The New Yorker just published a great article on the topic – check it out here.


November 2, 2014

Shooting Guns and Eating Vegetables

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Two weeks ago, I shot a gun for the first time. I went to Montana for an “adventure getaway” filled with shooting clays, hunting pheasant, fly fishing and a little ATV ride in the mix for kicks. Quite a weekend! This city girl was out of her comfort zone the whole time and it felt fantastic.

As many of you know, a few years ago, I killed my Thanksgiving turkey and worked on an organic farm – my life was changed. It was all because I wanted to know where my food comes from. If I am going to eat meat, I want to know what an animal has to endure in order for us to enjoy that meal on our plates. 

I am humbled by the experience and quite frankly am still processing it all, but there are two things I was thinking about the whole weekend. Literally, with a gun in my hand, out in the middle of the field, I was thinking about these two things:

1. It takes a lot of work to eat meat. In order for us to have meat in our markets and available on our dinner plates, it takes an extraordinary amount of effort that most of us do not appreciate or acknowledge. We were out on that field for hours, walking through tall, tough grass, using trained dogs as guides, attempting to get a pheasant and even though the group did get a few birds (I did not!) there was not enough to feed the group. All that work and still not enough!And then I got to thinking about if we were hunting elk, how that would be enough meat to feed a lot of people, but the work that goes in to getting that animal from the wild to the plate is intense.Immense time and labor that most of us do not have nor do most want to spend their time killing their animals for food. But most of us eat animal meat everyday! Including myself! 

2. We need to eat more vegetables. A lot more. Raw, cooked, fermented, in season and from local farmers. We need to eat more vegetables than we even realize and we need to do it NOW.Vegetables are full of nutrients and fiber, will change our palate to make us crave less processed foods and have little to no calories. Our health will be improved, our waist lines will be smaller and we will be supporting sustainable farming. It also takes a lot less effort to grow vegetables than animals.

There is a large conversation around protein that we all need to have because the protein we are eating comes from unsustainable sources and is often not filled with the nutrients we think it is. I am not going to become vegetarian any time soon – I need and want animal protein in my diet. All I know is I think about things differently.

That getaway to Montana forever changed me and I am grateful. I am emphasizing the need for more vegetables in our diet. And I am appreciating every bite of food I eat more than ever. I hope you do the same.

October 15, 2014

Play Your Game

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Do you know the film Miracle? One of my favorites. Always down for a good sports flick and LOVE rooting for the underdog. I have this film saved on my DVR and sometimes I watch 10-15 minutes just to fire me up when I need some inspiration. Yet another random fact about me you do not need to know…

Anyways, the famed coach Herb Brooks was very honest that his team was not the best in the world, but he had a system and created champions. They were prepared, they were strong and fit, they created a team, they all knew the goal and they believed they could achieve it.

During the crucial game against USSR he tells his team…Play Your Game. He repeats it over and over again like a mantra, reminding them to believe in themselves, be present and stay focused on the prize.

So…I ask you to play your game.

  1. Set a goal
  2. Take responsibility and work hard
  3. Don’t worry about anyone else – focus on you
  4. Accept bumps in the road and keep moving forward
  5. Believe in yourself – you can do this!

Play your game

…when you are crazy rushed and do not have time to plan – do your best and find an option that can work

when you say no to that glass of wine or dessert at a social event. You don’t need it or want it and no one will care if you say no

….when you cannot get your workout done in the morning, so you walk more during the day or get an evening workout in to get the job done

…when you make plans with friends and choose a restaurant that has food you like and is in line with your goals

…when you create an outing with friends and family that involves exercise so you can be social and active at the same time

…when you are stressed at work, you get up from your desk, walk around the block and go grab a wholesome meal or snack to keep you fueled

when you are honest with yourself about what is working and what is not

when you ask for help when you are struggling

Do you believe in miracles? I do!

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